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thermal security cameras

Thermal security cameras adopts continuous zoom thermal imaging technology, overcomes shortcomings of the fixed length ones. Display clear view in zooming process as well.

  • 384×288 / 640×480 /1024×768 High resolution uncooled microbolometer infrared focal plane arrays, vox
  • 25µm super small pixel, image quality fine, observe small target more clearly, further detection distance
  • High sensitivity, NETD can reach 50mk and frame at 25Hz
  • Wide originate 25~100mm continuous zooming, don’t lost target in searching
  • Image noise reduction processing, add DDE function; output hot white/ hot black/pseudo color
  • Low power consumption, quick start-up, stable performance, image clearly with high uniformity
  • RS 485 interface control, analog/IP video output optional

SHR-HTIR104R - Thermal Security Cameras

Thermal security cameras is also called thermal imager or infrared thermal imaging camera. It is a kind of equipment for photosensitive imaging of infrared rays emitted by objects. This equipment is widely used in military, fire protection, industrial production, customs inspection. Also, vehicle mounted thermal camera can be used for patrolling and law enforcement.

Common thermal security cameras are: short-wave and long-wave thermal imaging cameras. 

Shortwave, the spectrum range is 3-5um, usually as cooled infrared thermal imaging camera, the material is generally InSb, HCT. Long wave, the spectrum range is 8-14um, usually as uncooled infrared thermal imaging camera, the material is generally: VOx, α-silicon.

Short-wave infrared thermal security cameras are mostly used in the military field. The resolution is generally high and the cost is relatively high. It usually takes about 10 minutes for the cooled thermal imaging camera to be able to use. 

Long-wave infrared thermal imaging cameras are widely used in border and coastal defense, airports, perimeter of oil fields, mines, and forest fire detection/alarm  and other fields with its’ excellent effect.

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Widely application

The pan tilt zoom (PTZ) thermal security cameras are widely used on: border, harbor, coastal, airport, oil field, mine field surveillance, as well as property protection such as farm, fish farm etc.

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