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SHR-tirf100  –  thermal imaging rifle scope



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TIRF series thermal rifle scope is uncooled IR Thermal Imaging riflescope, which is mainly used for observation and aiming,can be used both day & night in all-weather. And no light required.

  • Long detection and identification range
  • Multi-Pseudo color image mode 
  • Reticle has 5color for option 
  • Light weight and compact design 
  • Waterproof, anti-vibration, dustproof, anti-corrosion
  • Equipped with standard picatinny rail interface, different rail fixtures can be customized as well
clear out darkness

Widely application

The thermal imaging rifle scope is a passive infrared weapon sighting system that allows the operator to recognize heat signals during the day or night even in the rain, widely used for hunting.

Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Thermal rifle scope – Thermal imaging scope or thermal weapon scope is a sighting device that combines a compact thermal imaging camera and a sight hood. These are thermal imaging Scopes used for night hunting and can be installed in various small arms and Some heavier weapons. 

Introduction of thermal imaging riflescope

It uses a thermal imaging core instead of visible or infrared light to show your field of view. Thermal optics can be seen in 0lux total dark environment and use the difference in heat of the observed object to create a image of the area. 

Night vision scope is an image enhancement technology that uses electronic devices and amplifies the amount of light in a dark environment. Usually infrared illuminators are used to illuminate the field of view that needs to be observed, and use this light to enable you to watch in the dark. If there is no light, night vision will not generate an image, which is different from thermal imaging. 

Features of thermal imaging rifle scope

Thermal night vision imaging scopes can work in complete darkness. Its working principle is to work by detecting heat (IR radiation) emitted by objects (such as animals, people or cars). For example, in places with snow, the temperature range is very useful, because the extreme temperature difference between the snow and any heat source (such as people or animals) will produce a high visual contrast between the two. This makes it easy to locate any heat source under its low temperature background. 

This is why this device can be used in complete darkness. There is another difference between night vision scope and thermal rifle scope. Usually, the night vision optical system simply makes these items easier to see than the naked eye, so as to show you a real picture of what is in front of you. 

Thermal imaging scopes works differently. Since the thermal endoscope reads and replicates on the displayed thermal features of the object, you cannot expect to see all the details of the object you are viewing. You will only see the outlines of items with different temperatures. 

Due to the different working principles, the thermal rifle scope is a passive infrared weapon sighting system, allowing the operator to recognize targets in varieties environments. This feature makes the device more efficient in certain application areas and widely used in night hunting.

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