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middle range


long range


ultra long range


Mainly used for safe city projects, highway, railway, harbor, airport surveillance, as well as farm, fish farm, shrimp farm monitoring.

Even in the dark at night and under the interference of strong lights, the night vision device can also observe the roads and things in detail.
Day: 2km, night: 1km
Security monitoring no blind points, integrated keyboard controller with screen could be equipped. 4G module optional to realize wireless video transmission.
Day: 1000m, Night: 500m
The camera installed in fish farm for fishery security. Prevent theft coming into the fish farm. Protect owner' s property.
Day: 6km, Night: 3km
See human/vehicle target clearly at night, even in 0lux total darkness.
Day: 3km, Night: 1.5km

Custom - Design

You have addtional requirements to the cameras? We accept OEM without MOQ required, contact us and tell us what you need…….