Thermal Camera Forest Fire Detection System (1)

forest fire detection camera systems adopt thermal camera with alarm sensor, detect early fire source

Development of forest fire proof

Forest fires are sudden and random, causing so much damage in short time. So when fire occurs, we should put out fire in a fastest time. Whether the fighting is timely, the decision is appropriate, most importantly, the discovery of forest fire behavior is timely, the analysis is accurate and reasonable. So the mainly two questions to forest fire detection are:

  • How we can discover a small fire, dark fire, the fire destroyed in the bud at the first time, that is, the fire ahead of the prevention.
  • When the fire occurs, how we can speedy organized the fire fighting power, the fire willbe extinguished in time, that is, the timely fire fighting. 

Three periods of China' s forest fire detection and alarm

Stage One:

  • The first stage: Forest fire headquarters arrange ranger or other personnel on the key hours, key areas of the field fire for manual inspection and management. According to the analysis of actual situation in most parts, It is difficult for limited rangers to do a wide range of inspection coverage. and most of the forest road between watch towers are far and not good . Whether it is inspection coverage or timeliness can not meet the current monitoring needs.

Stage Two:

  • The second stage: Based on the visible light imaging system and smoke sensor, smokes and light generated by the fire are detected. Through signal processing, comparison, the decision is made to issue a fire alarm. But the ordinary typical smoke fire detection alarm system can not quickly collect fire smoke-temperature-change information, it is difficult to meet the requirements of early detection and prediction of forest fire.

Stage Three:

  • The third stage: Thermal Camera Forest Fire Detection System based on the infrared thermal imaging, HD visible light intelligent forest fire monitoring system, both to make up for the lack of artificial precautions, but also to take effective means to the forest area for a wide range of large-scale 24-hour real-time monitoring, and can automatically find that the forest fire and automatic alarm, besides, fix the exact location of the fire point. In this way, we can make up for shortages of the first two stage, meeting the requirements of building modern forestry.

Working principle of forest fire detection and alerting system

Fire is the phenomenon of object in the air or oxygen burning and generating light and fever, more refers to the burning phenomenon with heat, smoke, flame. 

At the beginning of the fire, flame burning showed a unique characteristic that the flame contained ultraviolet and infrared rays of different wavelengths that were indistinguishable by the naked eye.


Infrared imaging technology is based on the detection of the size of the object radiation energy, the system processed into the target body of the thermal image and gray or pseudo-color display, that is, the measured target temperature to determine the state of the object. Forest background temperature is generally 40 ℃- 60 ℃. The combustion flame temperature is generally 600 ℃ – 1200 ℃. The temperature difference between the two, the contrast in the image significantly.

In addition, by image enhancement, image correction, filtering, and so on, we have a clear, real-time image, so the thermal image is easy to separate the combustion from the terrain background. According to the thermal image of the temperature distribution, we can not only produce fire alarm, but also to detect the location of the fire and fire area.

Generally, because of the advantage detection principle, Thermal Camera Forest Fire Detection System are with better application effect and they are able to adapt to fire detection in most of occasion. But in some circumstances, such as low ground , valleys, day camera will be better because of the shelter. 


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