Thermal Camera for Railway Intrusion Detection



Based on advanced laser night vision lighting, zoom infrared thermal imaging, intelligent thermal camera for intrusion detection and linkage technology, we had developed a railway intelligent video surveillance and early warning system. 

Based on the network architecture, the system can realize 24/7 intelligent video surveillance along the railway, including bridges, tunnels and other outdoor environments. It can not only monitor railway operations and safety conditions in real time, but also intelligently monitor emergencies such as personnel intrusion. Gathering of people, leftovers, etc. 

The thermal imaging cameras are not susceptible to bad weather such as fog, rain and snow, as a video source for detecting emergencies. Featured day and night high-definition imaging of laser cameras, as a video source for confirming and observing emergencies. The intelligent analysis and detection algorithm is realized by a front-end method, which is fast, efficient, and has a low false alarm rate.  

And now the thermal camera for railway intrusion detection had been widely used.


The current main problem of perimeter surveillance

The traditional perimeter protection uses sensor technology to monitor the behavior of illegal intrusion. When someone climbs or crosses a predetermined defense zone, the device generates an alarm message. Common protective equipment mainly includes infrared beams, electronic fences, vibrating cables, leaky cables, tension fences, and vibrating optical fibers.

Most traditional equipment has disadvantages such as cumbersome installation, small monitoring range, and high false alarm rate. More importantly, these devices have a common defect, that is, they can only give alarms and cannot visually display specific conditions. If you want to confirm the specific alarm situation, you must also link to the monitoring equipment installed on the site to call out the one that is in the current range. 

Sometimes you need to manually adjust the angle and field of view to make observations, which is very inconvenient. It is easy to miss the first-time warning. However, with the new technical solution with thermal camera for intrusion detection, things had changed. 

intrusion detection with thermal camera

Technical Solution

In response to the current problems and application requirements, this solution proposes a video perimeter intrusion monitoring program. On the basis of meeting daily video surveillance, the video perimeter intrusion detection area is set on the video screen.

The system adopts laser night vision and thermal camera to realize day and night continuous monitoring. 

Adopts high-precision linkage of laser night vision and thermal imaging to realize full coverage of critical area.

Adopt front target intelligent identification and detection technology, realize intelligent automatic identification of abnormal situations such as personnel intrusion and fire alarm. The system equipment has an unattended automatic alarm function, which can automatically prompt personnel intrusion, fire alarm and other abnormal behaviors.

thermal camera for railway monitoring

Main functions of each surveillance camera

  • 30m thermal imaging camera: fixed installation, monitoring the camera installation point.
  • 500m thermal imaging camera: fixed installation to detect persons of the boundary.
  • 500m laser night vision camera: monitor in all directions and identify persons of the boundary.

When using the thermal camera for the intrusion detection.  Installation is advised as below:

The installation height of 30-meter thermal imaging camera, 500-meter thermal imaging camera and 500-meter laser camera is 7 meters from the roadbed, covering a monitoring range of 0 to 500 meters. 

30-meter thermal imaging is responsible for intrusion detection from 0 to 30 meters.

500-meter thermal imaging is responsible for intrusion detection from 30 to 500 meters.  

When thermal imaging camera finds target, laser night vision camera will be driven to see the corresponding area.

Cameras and range

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