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Dual spectrum PTZ Thermal IP Camera



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The PTZ thermal IP camera combines thermal imaging, visible camera and pan-tilt. Adopts conti-nuous zoom techique, Sync-work with visible light, much more effective.

  • Adopts thermal imaging technology and has a clear image, not restricted by light
  • Adopting continuous zooming thermal imaging technology, imaging clearly, can search in large area and recognize objectives in long distance 
  • Visible camera focal length 12.5-750mm, monitoring 6-8km during daytime
  • Day and night 2 megapixels low illuminating color camera, realizing day and night continuous monitoring 
  • Optional thermal imaging camera presetting function, remembering FOV of each preset bit, enhancing working efficiency
  • OEM, Customized design available for varieties projects with no MOQ required

SHR-HLV3020TIR185R - PTZ Thermal IP Camera

SHR-HLV3020TIR185R is a standard model of SHEENRUN – Long-distance dual-spectrum ptz thermal IP camera. This model is equipped with a high-definition visible light camera and long-distance thermal imaging, which complement each other and provide continuous monitoring day and night.

In the visible light part, the focal length is 12.5-750mm, 60X continuous zoom lens, CCD 1/1.8’’, in the daytime and the weather is clear, the monitoring distance for people can reach more than 6km, and the monitoring distance for vehicles and ships is longer. 

The camera supports electronic fog penetration and optical fog penetration, even in haze weather, it can still clearly observe the target.

In terms of thermal imaging, a 36-180mm, 5X continuous zoom lens is used, which can clearly observe short-distance and long-distance targets. 

The mainstream resolution of conventional equipment is 640×512, 384×288 is optional, and the picture is clear and delicate. With a visible light camera, it is used to observe targets that are not easy to be seen by the naked eye at night. The device supports 3D positioning. After finding the target, you can select the target to automatically zoom in and observe.

The whole set of this ptz thermal ip camera is carried by SP50 heavy-duty pan tilt. The pan tilt has a top load of 50kg with high accuracy and perfectly fits the entire monitoring system.

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Widely application

The pan tilt zoom (PTZ) thermal cameras are widely used on: border, harbor, coastal, airport, oil field, mine field surveillance, as well as property protection such as farm, fish farm etc.

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