Marine camera

Maritime thermal imaging system



marine camera

The multi sensor security camera integrates day camera, thermal imaging camera and laser illuminator. All parts Sync work, detect targets, catch every details you need without weather & climate limits.

  • Integrated infrared detection system, camera system, high-precision transmission system and 2-axis gyro stabilization system
  • High precision two-axis gyro stabilization, accuracy ≤1mrad(RMS)
  • Visible light camera wavelength extension infrared enhancement technology
  • Modular, parallel real-time embedded system
  • Real-time video OSD
  • High-strength, high-precision, ultra-low resistance turret structure design
  • Spherical design enhances the wind resistance ability, full metal casing
  • Special reinforcement design, suitable for all kinds of drones, helicopters, vehicles, ships and other carriers    
  • Low power consumption, less heat generates during work, stable working performance
  • Support ONVIF, NMEA0183 for system integration

SHR-GPT230 Marine Camera Thermal Imaging System

Marine camera is equipped with high sensitive infrared detector and day camera components, integrated with high precision transmission and 2-axis gyro stabilizer system, can be used for quick search and observation of targets in sea, air, and shore regions. 
The use of thermal imaging system allow users get clear view in 0lux total darkness, makes it safe sailing at night and avoid collision.
Also, this device is with excellent Human-computer interaction interface and rich external control interface, Seamlessly connection with ship control systems, airborne control systems, and vehicle control systems.  

Meanwhile, it plays important role in emergency response to major disasters or emergencies such as smuggling at sea, search and rescue, environmental monitoring as well as and forest fire monitoring.
clear out darkness

Widely application

The marine camera with its feature on thermal imaging and 2-axis gyroscope. Widely used on used for quick search and observation of targets in sea, air, and shore regions.  As well as safe sailing, avoid collision on the sea. 

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