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long distance security camera

The long range infrared camera adopt 1000mm telephoto lens as well as 20w powerful laser illuminator, ideal for ultra
long distance at both day and night.

long range laser night vision cameras​-2
  • 16.7-1000mm telephoto lens with 60× zoom, 20w laser illuminator for 10km/4km day night monitoring 
  • The laser illuminating system is with long lighting distance, large scope, uneasy to be discovered
  • Auto white balance, auto gain control, auto exposure control
  • Dual stream function, small time delay, fully satisfying different network bandwidth
  • Adopting high performance power supply program, wide voltage input, low power consumption, suitable for special power supplying mode such as solar power
  • Built-in Web Server, convenient to control
  • Supporting long focal length speed limit and 3D locating function

perimeter Safe

This long range infrared camera SHR-HLV4020 is an ideal device for ultra distance monitoring. At day time, it could reach 30km for vehicle recognition (shown as below video), over 10km for human targets monitoring. At night, the 20w powerful laser illuminator allows user to see over 4km for human.  Different from ptz thermal cameras, the long range infrared camera could able to see clearly to the targets. It limits is that the FOV will be small when observing long distance targets.  Choose thermal imaging cameras or laser night vision cameras, it depends on the project requirements.

Model SHR-HLV4020
Night vision ≥4000m (see human action); max ≥5km (see human action)
Day vision ≥8000m (see human action); max ≥35km (recognize vehicle)
Focal length 16.7-1000mm, 2× extender is as optional
FOV 0.45°~25°
Focus control Electronic
Fog penetrating Optical fog penetration
Sensor 1/1.8' 'Progressive Scan CMOS
Pixels 4MP
Shutter 1/1 s~ 1/30,000 s
Video control AGC, AWB, support day/night mode switch auto/manual
Color mode Integration ICR double filter switch between day and night
Code type H.264/H.265
Resolution 1080p, support dual stream
Frequency 50Hz:25fps(1920×1080), 60Hz:30fps(1920×1080)
Fog penetrating ON/OFF
Laser illuminator
Focal length HD focus laser lens
Even light MCIC even light technology
Coating Multilayer near-infrared coating
Axis adjusting Outside MMA
Illuminating angle 0.3°-30° synchronous continuous adjustment
Power 20W
Wavelength 810/808nm
Laser switch Auto/manual
Even light MCIC even light technology
Pan tilt
Load 50kg(top load)
Horizontal Angle: 0°~360°, speed: 0.1°~9°/s
Vertical Angle: -60°~+20°, speed: 0.1°~4°/s
Presets 255, support lens zoom & focus presets
Auto cruise 2 paths, each path can set up 64 presets
Power DC30V
Internet 1×10Base-T/100Base-TX,RJ45
Operation temperature -25℃~+55℃ (could be custom-made according to requirements)
Storage temperature -40℃~+65℃
Protection IP66
Salt fog proof PH6.5~7.2, Continuously spraying 48 hours
Weight ≤50kg
Installation Outdoor base install

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