Ultra Long range thermal imaging camera



security thermal camera

This ultra long range thermal imaging camera is with high resoluiton 1024×768, output with HD images, each detail quite clear in view. Adopt 25-300mm lens for short to long distance surveillance.

  • Adopt 1024×768 High resolution uncooled microbolometer infrared focal plane arrays, vox
  • 14µm super small pixel, image quality fine, observe small target more clearly, further detection distance
  • High sensitivity, NETD can reach 60mk and frame at 30Hz
  • Wide originate 25~300mm continuous zooming, don’t lost target in searching
  • Image noise reduction processing, add DDE function; output hot white/ hot black/pseudo color
  • Low power consumption, quick start-up, stable performance, image clearly with high uniformity
  • Standard network interface control, HD video signal output

SHR-UDIR312R - HD Long Range Thermal Imaging Camera

SHR-UDIR312R is one our HD long range thermal imaging camera with high resolution 1024×768. Different from the cameras with 384/640 resoluion, this camera is new in the year 2017. Match 25-300mm telephoto lens, the camera could reach 8km/20km for human/vehicle detection.

This long range thermal imaging camera is with high-strengh and well-sealed shell, which is filled with nitrogen and is not damaged by rain, snow and dust, and can work normally in harsh environments.

Integrates high-definition uncooled focal plane infrared detectors, the camera is with most advanced electronic and optical systems, can penetrate dust, smoke, rain, snow and darkness to provide perfect images for long distance outdoor surveillance such as border, harbor, airport, oil field monitoring…

In addition, this long range thermal imaging camera supports ONVIF protocol and outputs video via VGA for easy access to various existing security monitoring platforms.

clear out darkness

Widely application

This long range thermal imaging camera is widely used on: border, harbor, coastal, airport, oil field, mine field surveillance, as well as property protection such as farm, fish farm etc.

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