PTZ Long Range Laser Night Vision Camera
Contributes to Fish Farm Monitoring

night vision laser security camera, an ideal and economic solution to protect fish farm.


With the rapid increase in global sea food product consumption demand, the aquaculture industry has developed rapidly. As the main producing area of aquatic product exports in South America, fish farms can be seen everywhere. 

Fish farms have the characteristics of high openness, large breeding space, and difficult real-time management, breeding objects and breeding facilities are often damaged by criminals, which affects the healthy development of the breeding industry to a certain extent. Install a high-definition night vision laser security camera to monitor the surrounding conditions of the fishery 24H in real time, effectively preventing fish stealing.

Traditional cctv cameras V.S Night vision laser security camera

The traditional cctv cameras, are with short monitoring distance, night vision effect is poor. For large area monitoring, many cctv cameras will be needed, which is difficult for the management.

However, to the ptz long range laser night vision camera, it is with large monitoring scope as well as long monitoring distance. Day vision distance up to 10km with one single camera and night vision at maximum 4km to see human action. And even you could use this camera to see human face in distance.

Due to its’ excellent performance, in a large fish farm, one or a couple of laser night vision cameras will be enough to cover the area, which would be much easier for management.

Sheenrun PTZ night vision laser security camera

Sheenrun had actively adapt to the needs of overseas markets, put into installation a batch ptz long range laser night vision camera, combines wireless communication technology, high-definition video transmission technology and intelligent pan tilt linkage, realized continuous real-time monitoring in all day 24H. With these features, the night vision laser security camera effectively guarantees the safe operation of various fish farms and has won unanimous praise from end users.

Fish farm monitoring system

  • PTZ laser night vision camera ( Model: SHR-HLV535, SHR-HLV1020, SHR-HLV3020)
  • Power supply: The cameras are with wide-input power adapter (90-240V); support solar, wind power supply
  • Transmission: The cameras are with network interface; support 4G, wireless net bridge. 
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