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dual-spectrum thermal camera

SHR-HLV330IR5 is dual sensor thermal camera, combines thermal imaging, visible camera and pan-tilt, with IP video output, 360° horizontal rotate, PTZ design, can realize continuous monitoring.

  • Adopts thermal imaging technology and has a clear image, not restricted by light
  • Smart design, support vehicle-mounted for patrol
  • Low lux color to black camera, realize continuous monitoring day and night
  • 30x optical zoom, support automatic switch day&night mode, backlight compensation, wide dynamic range, auto white balance, auto gain control, automatic exposure control
  • Integrated pan-tilt, realize all directions, no blind spot monitoring and high accurate orientation
  • Passive thermal imaging with good hidden features, uneasy to be discovered

SHR-HLV330IR5 - Dual Sensor PTZ Thermal Camera

SHR-HLV330IR5 high-definition dual sensor thermal  camera integrates infrared thermal imager, visible light camera, pan-tilt and other parts. This system can realize unattended and uninterrupted work, adopts infrared thermal imaging night vision technology, has the characteristics of good concealment, strong ability to penetrate haze, and not limited by light sources. The effective combination of camera and thermal imager can realize continuous monitoring day and night. With high-definition visible camera and high-quality electric zoom thermal imager, it can provide visible light and thermal imaging at the same time to achieve true 24-hour day and night monitoring. Integrating these two sensors can quickly and accurately detect and identify intruders. The network ONVIF IP interface makes the system on-site or remote management very simple, and has a variety of transmission and control options. All of these are combined in a rugged IP66 enclosure, which can withstand the harshest weather and the most brutal attacks, making it ideal for mobile deployment, perimeter security, homeland defense and coastal protection.

clear out darkness

Widely application

The pan tilt zoom (PTZ) thermal cameras are widely used on: border, harbor, coastal, airport, oil field, mine field surveillance, as well as property protection such as farm, fish farm etc.

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