dual-sensor camera

Wildfire prevention thermal camera 

Model: SHR-PT500HLV3020KAGIR155A



Wildfire prevention thermal imaging camera

Integrates temperature measurement and alarm module, visible light camera and high precision pan tilt. uninterrupted works 24*7 unattended to provide timely fire alarm information.

Thermal camera with day camera
  • Hotspot target intelligent detection alarm, high temperature sensitivity
  • Fire can be automatically centered and enlarged for easy fire confirmation
  • After the camera is powered on and self-tested, it can return to the user-set zero position or the position when power off, supports remote restart
  • Multi-position intelligent recognition auto-focus technology, which can achieve rapid focus through multiple focusing and triggering methods
  • Support 3D positioning, user could select to zoom and click to center target
  • Support presets, memorize the FOV angle of each preset position, when calling the presets, the lens can be automatically adjusted to the memorized FOV
  • Software of the front-end equipment can be upgraded online through network, which greatly facilitates later maintenance

Wildfire prevention thermal camera - SHR-PT500HLV3020KAGIR155A

Build an intelligent forest fire proof monitoring alarming management system, centers on thermal imaging detection, and is supplemented by visible smoke . The system can not only make up for the shortage of artificial precautions to take effective means to realize a wide range and all-weather, intelligent real-time monitoring, but also can automatically find the forest fire , automatic alarm, and locate the point of fire. 

Sheenrun wildfire prevention thermal camera and early warning management system is based on digital, network-based video surveillance, compared with the general network video surveillance, it is a more high-end intelligent applications. The system can achieve unattended uninterrupted work, automatic analysis and judgment of video image information, timely detection the abnormal smoke and fire signs in the monitoring area, working the fastest and best way to fire alarm and fire analysis. 

Assist Firefighters to deal with the fire, and minimize the false positives and omission. At the same time ,viewing live real-time images will be available, directly place command according to the intuitive picture to put out fire.

detect Forest fire

Prevent wildfire

OEM photoelectric pod design, high speed pod with high precision, which could be used for fast locationing on the fire source. Also, compared with tranditional pan tilt, this design improved the environmental adaptability such as strong wind. Also, it is an ideal device for the border area surveillance monitoring.

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