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SHR-MTRS Series  –  thermal imaging sight



thermal rifle scope

MTRS series thermal rifle scope is uncooled Thermal Imaging rifle scope mainly used for observation and aiming, for rifle and other weapons. Reliable after continuous shooting.

  • 12um detector with longer detection and identification range
  • Light weight and compact design 
  • Waterproof with IP67 protection
  • Military grade anti-shock, stable after continuous shooting
  • Wide range working temperature, suitable for harsh environment
  • Equipped with standard picatinny rail interface, different rail fixtures can be customized as well
clear out darkness

Widely application

The thermal imaging rifle scope is a passive infrared weapon sighting system that allows the operator to recognize heat signals during the day or night even in the rain, widely used for hunting.

Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Thermal rifle scope – Thermal imaging scope or thermal weapon scope is a sighting device that combines a compact thermal imaging camera and a sight hood. These are thermal imaging Scopes used for night hunting and can be installed in various small arms and Some heavier weapons. 

Introduction of thermal imaging riflescope

Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope is a computerized gun sight system that uses thermal imaging technology to detect targets at a long distance.

Thermal imaging gun sight products usually include components such as thermal imaging detectors, optical lenses, related signal processors, and image displays. 

It can obtain the infrared thermal radiation signal of the target in real time, and convert it into a clear, high-precision thermal imaging image, accurately locate and track the target, and effectively improve the accuracy and success rate of shooting. 

Thermal imaging gun sights are widely used in military, police, security, hunting, field exploration and other fields, and have become a high-end equipment with high technological content.

Features of thermal imaging rifle scope

Compared with traditional optical sights, the thermal imaging riflescope has many advantages, including:

1. Both hot and cold targets can be detected: The thermal imaging gun sight system can detect hot or cold targets, and it also has good detection effects in harsh environments such as low light, night vision, fog and smoke.
2. High-precision aiming: Since thermal imaging technology can provide thermal radiation information of the target, it can quickly and accurately locate and aim at the target, with higher shooting accuracy and success rate.
3. Long-distance detection: The thermal imaging gun sight system can detect targets at a long distance while maintaining high-resolution image quality. For tracking moving targets, it can also quickly lock and detect the position of the target.
4. Real-time and accurate feedback: The thermal imaging gun sight system can quickly feed back the thermal radiation information of the target and display it on the monitor in real time, helping the shooter to quickly grasp and analyze the target situation.
5. Wide compatibility: The thermal imaging gun sight system can adapt to various types of rifles, pistols and other firearms, and can be integrated into the combat system to realize information-based combat.

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