pan tilt unit

pan tilt head

Sp25  – intelligent pan tilt unit



  • Max Load: 10kg/15kg/20kg
  • Support RS485(or RS422 or RS232 optional)
  • Support kinds of Lens preset with self-adaptive function
  • Pan tilt speed can reach up to 60º/s
  • High resetting accuracy, up to ±0.1º
  • Adopt high strength die-cast aluminum alloy material
  • High-precision, high-strength steel worm-gear driven, self-locked when power is off
  • Pan: 0~360º continuous rotate
  • Protection Class: IP66
  • Support OSD Menu (optional)
  • Support returning data of pan tilt position, focal length, focus etc.

SHR-PT-SP25 - Pan Tilt Unit

Pan tilt unit, is also called pan tilt head, is suitable for scanning and monitoring a large area, and it can expand the surveillance range of the camera. The high-speed movement of the motorized pan tilt is realized by two executive motors, and the motors receive signals from the controller to operate and position accurately. 

Under the action of the control signal, the camera on the pan tilt unit can automatically scan the surveillance area, and can also track the surveillance object under the control of the staff on duty in the surveillance center.

Generally, the horizontal rotation angle of the motorized pan tilt is 0°~360°, and the vertical rotation angle is +90°. With our motorized pan tilt, vertical angle could be -90° ~ +90°,  -45° ~ +45° , -60° ~ +20° etc or customized according to requirements.  

According to the loading capacity, our intelligent pan tilt unit could be divided into light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty. According to the load installation method, it is divided into top-mounted and side-mounted pan tilt. SHR-PT-SP25 is a pan tilt unit with medium-duty or middle payload, from 10kg to 20kg, it varies due to different payload and different rotate speed, it could be customized with rotate speed, angle and prototol etc…

Pan tilt unit

Load capacity is the key to select a pan tilt unit.

If the load capacity is less than the actual load weight, not only the operating function will be reduced, but the motor and gear of the pan tilt will also be damaged due to long-term overload.

The actual load capacity of the motorized pan tilt can range from 3kg to 50kg. For the same series of the pantilt products, the load capacity of side mounting is greater than that of top mounting, and the load-bearing capacity of high-speed type is smaller than that of ordinary type.

Model SP2510 SP2515 SP2520
Pan/tilt Speed Pan:0.01º~60º/s, Tilt:0.01º~30º/s Pan:0.01º~45º/s, Tilt:0.01º~15º/s Pan:0.01º~12º/s, Tilt:0.01º~8º/s
Rotation Angle Pan:0°~360º continuous,Tilt:+45º~-45º (customization available)
Number of Presets 200
Preset Positioning ±0.1º
Function Pan tilt position data, focal length etc.
Auxiliary Switch 2 groups
Lens Preset Support,with self-adaptive function
Lens control speed Speed of zoom/focus can be adjustable continuously
Auto Cruising 8 tracks( each with 10 presets)
Homing It can be set up within the scope of 1~60 min
Protocol Pelco-D/P
Baud Rate 2400/4800/9600/19200bps
Interface RS485 or RS422
Input Voltage AC24V±20%,50/60HZ;DC28V±20%
Power Consumption ≤70W
Operation Temp. Temp: -25℃~+65℃, Humidity: 90%±3% RH; -40℃~+65℃
Storage Temp. -40℃~+70℃
Max load capacity 10kg 15kg 20kg
Load Mode Top-mounted/side-mounted
Driven Worm-gear driven
Protection Class IP66
Weight 12.5kg
Dimensions 265mm*180mm*315mm(L*W*H)

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