thermal camera

outdoor thermal security camera



dual lens thermal camera photo

The outdoor thermal security camera combines thermal imaging, visible camera and pan-tilt. Adopts conti-nuous zoom techique, Sync-work with visible light, much more effective.

  • Adopts thermal imaging technology and has a clear image, not restricted by light
  • Adopting continuous zooming thermal imaging technology, imaging clearly, can search in large area and recognize objectives in long distance 
  • Infrared detector with high temp sensitivity, with min temp resolution of 50mK
  • Day and night 2 megapixels low illuminating color camera, realizing day and night continuous monitoring 
  • Optional thermal imaging camera presetting function, remembering FOV of each preset bit, enhancing working efficiency
  • OEM, Customized design available for varieties projects with no MOQ required
clear out darkness

Widely application

The pan tilt zoom (PTZ) thermal cameras are widely used on: border, harbor, coastal, airport, oil field, mine field surveillance, as well as property protection such as farm, fish farm etc.

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