thermal Binocular




multifunctional thermal binocular

This is the new generation multifunctional thermal binocular. With dual channel, thermal imaging and HD visible imaging.
Military grade design, for patrol and law enforcement.

  • Highly integrated design with HD thermal imaging, HD visible light camera, functional module as well as storage in one.
  • Dual channel imaging with clear image, easy for 24*7 whole day observation
  • Built in Beidou/GPS dual mode system for high precision positioning
  • Built in electronics compass for 3D information, built in LRF for range measurement
  • Video recording and photo capture, for easily evidence gathering
  • Ergonomic design, light weight and compact, easy operation and comfort in using
  • IP67 protection grade, could be used in harsh environment

SHR-PT-HD Multifunctional Thermal Binocular

The SHR-PT-HD is a military grade multifunctional thermal binocular, with 1024*768 HD thermal imaging, 1920*1080 HD visible light camera, Beidou/GPS, electronics compass, laser range finder as well as storage unit in one.

Due to the wonderful performance and the practical functions, this thermal binocular is widely used for individual compact, observation in the wild and police law enforcement.

With the advantages of detect, discover, identify and lock targets in harsh environment, it makes soilders more capable with their combact capability improved.

Compact, light weight, ergonomic design with IP67 protection, it is definitely an ideal device for long time outdoor duty work.

High performance, high configuration and high integrate design, which means this thermal binocular is not a cost effective device for civil uses such as hunting, if you are looking for a economic solution, contact us for a better proposal.

clear out darkness

Widely application

This multifunctional thermal binocular is widely used for individual compact, law enforcement, evidence collecting with the stable performance and environment adaptation. 

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