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Dual spectrum multi sensor security camera 



multi sensor security camera

The multi sensor security camera integrates day camera, thermal imaging camera and laser illuminator. All parts Sync work, detect targets, catch every details you need without weather & climate limits.

  • Adopts thermal imaging technology and has a clear image, not restricted by light
  • Adopting continuous zooming thermal imaging technology, imaging clearly, can search in large area and recognize objectives in long distance 
  • 10W Laser illuminator, night vision distance over 1000m
  • Day and night 2 megapixels low illuminating color camera, realizing day and night continuous monitoring 
  • Optional thermal imaging camera presetting function, remembering FOV of each preset bit, enhancing working efficiency
  • OEM, Customized design available for varieties projects with no MOQ required

SHR-WHLV1020TIR104R - Multi Sensor Security Camera

The high-definition multi sensor security camera integrates infrared thermal camera, visible light camera, laser illuminator, pan-tilt and others. Realize unattended uninterrupted work.

It adopts infrared thermal imaging and laser night vision technology, has the characteristics of clear imaging, good concealment, and no light source restriction. The effective combination of camera and thermal camera can realize continuous monitoring day and night. 

This multi sensor security camera is based on long-term in-depth research on laser infrared night vision technology, and has achieved substantiality breakthrough in technologies such as synchronous zooming of lighting and imaging, large-angle high-definition laser lighting, laser shaping and homogenization, as well as infrared correction in imaging, and backscatter weakening. 

This camera also uses a number of unique key technologies in materials and processing. The shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel, and is specially reinforced and sealed. Widely used in night, harsh environments, long-distance, large-scale, Real-time hidden monitoring occasions. 

clear out darkness

Widely application

The pan tilt zoom (PTZ) thermal cameras are widely used on: border, harbor, coastal, airport, oil field, mine field surveillance, as well as property protection such as farm, fish farm etc.

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