Forest Fire Detection Thermal Camera

SHR-htir185r  –  Long range series



Thermal camera with day camera
  • Intelligent detection and alarm of hot target, high temperature sensitivity
  • After the alarm, the fire source can be automatically centered and enlarged for easy fire confirmation
  • Can realize day and night continuous monitoring
  • Multi-position intelligent recognition auto-focus technology, which can achieve rapid focus through multiple focusing methods and triggering methods
  • 3D positioning function, realize frame selection zoom and click center function, reduce operation difficulty
  • Thermal imager preset position, memorize the field of view angle of each preset position, when calling the preset position, the lens can be automatically adjusted to the memorized field of view angle, avoiding the cumbersome manual adjustment of traditional thermal imager. Improve work efficiency
  • The control software of the front-end equipment can be upgraded online through the network, which greatly facilitates later maintenance

SHR-HTIR185R - Forest Fire Detection Thermal Camera

This PTZ surveillance thermal imaging camera is a continuous zoom infrared thermal camera, which adopts continuous zoom thermal imaging technology. Not only search in a large range, the camera could also identify distant targets.

Also, the camera overcomes the shortcomings of the current fixed focal length or dual-FOV thermal imagers at home and abroad. The image is clear during the zooming process, with powerful functions and stable performance. 

Integrating an uncooled focal plane infrared detector, advanced electronics and optical systems, it can penetrate dust, smoke, rain, snow and darkness to provide a perfect image. 

The product can meet the military requirements of night observation, identification, tracking, and analysis of various hot targets, and can work day and night in the fields of patrol law enforcement, military investigation, security monitoring, and long-distance search and rescue. 

Also, it is Forest Fire Detection Thermal Camera as well, using alarm sensor for high temperature alarm and detect early fire in time to avoid huge damage.


detect Forest fire

Widely application

PTZ thermal camera, dual-sensor camera, OEM photoelectric pod with visible light camera optional for early fire detection in forest, grassland as well as natural reserve.  (Usually customized)

Video demonstration to show you camera operation and alarm.

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