cooled thermal infrared cameras 



cooled thermal camera

Cooled thermal infrared cameras are the one that is most sensitive to small temperature differences in the scene. Detect the smallest temperature differences between objects.

cooled thermal imaging camera effect
  • Adopt continuous zoom lens, clear image, long detection distance, can both search in large area and observe object nearly
  • 640×512 or 324×256 resolution cooled FPA detector, fine and smooth image quality, can observe small objects more clearly and detect longer distance
  • Advanced image noise reduction process, DDE(digital image details enhancement) function, outputting hot white/ hot black/ pseudo color image
  • Low power consumption, quick start, stable performance
  • Simple operation, easy to use and maintain
  • Precision cast aluminium alloy housing, seal waterproof, nitrogen inside, anti-harsh environment, super long work life

SHR-ZHIR320 - Cooled Thermal Infrared Cameras

Cryogenic refrigerator is integrated in the imaging sensor of the cooled thermal infrared cameras. This device can cool down the sensor. The purpose of lowering the detector temperature is to make the thermal noise signal lower than the imaging signal. Cooled thermal imagining camera are most sensitive to small temperature differences in the scene and can detect the smallest temperature differences between objects. The cooled thermal infrared cameras can perform imaging in the mid-wave infrared or mid-wave infrared band of the spectrum. Thermal contrast is the signal change caused by the target temperature change. The higher the thermal contrast, the easier it is to detect targets that are not too different from the background temperature. Generally speaking, the contrast of mid-wave infrared thermal imaging cameras at night is more vivid than that of other infrared thermal imaging cameras.

clear out darkness

Widely application

This cooled thermal infrared cameras are quite different to the uncooled infrared cameras. Usually, the cooled cameras are with much higher price than uncooled ones, so they are mostly used in some specific fields.

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